Skye Scrambling

Skye scramblingGemma and Christian were heading up to Skye for Gemma’s birthday for a week. They both do a lot of caving, some indoor climbing and have been climbing outside with friends. They had heard of the amazing mountains and awesome scrambling Skye has to offer but needed some one to guide them and keep them safe, so I was hired for two days :-). Both Gemma and Christian were open with their fear of heights and I spent some time disusing this and what I was able to do to help. I planned the first route of the first day, one to see for my self how they were and two to gently introduce them to Skye. They both did far better than they expected so we managed to squeeze a second route in on the first day and did a massive 600m grade 2/3 ** scramble on the second day. One quote from Christian ‘You managed to scare me just the right amount!’

Well done guy’s!