PPE LOLER Personal Protective Equipment Competent Person Inspections

As a fully insured, qualified and highly experienced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspector I can inspect all your equipment to conform to the Lifting Operator and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Point (2.c) in LOLER state that ‘a person is a load’, meaning that anytime a person is suspended off the floor, all equipment has to confirm to LOLER .

LOLER states that all equipment is ‘thoroughly examined of lifting equipment for lifting person or an accessory for lifting at least every 6 months (3.1.i)

If appropriate for the purpose, the equipment is inspected by a competent person at suitable intervals between thorough examinations (3.b)

I can create a full PPE inspection Policies and all supporting paperwork as well as cary out the thorough examinations.

Please contact: info@dannywg.com for more information or if you’d like to discuss options and bookings.